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ClassMouse is a secure management system that enables elementary educators and students to command the Web and fully realize the goals of an expectation-based curriculum. Its suite of components facilitates, enhances and differentiates curriculum delivery.

These integrated on-line tools directly connect students, teachers and support staff to tens of thousands of exceptional educational resources. The experienced professional educators of the ClassMouse Team continue to research and develop content that is organized by user type, grade level, subject area, subject strand and curriculum expectation. Built-in versatility allows for a spectrum of uses including research, lesson delivery, skill reinforcement, assessment and exposure to rich media.

The ClassMouse system is designed to meet the ever-changing content demands of the educational community. Different packages are available to meet the needs of individual school boards. Users benefit from rapid access to over 50,000 resources specifically related to the expectations of the Ontario Elementary Curriculum. All ClassMouse products help to better realize curricular goals by controlling content costs, saving time, and inspiring students.


  • Keyword-based content retrieval
  • Search results are cross-curricular & grade specific
  • Controllable filters, titles & summary descriptions further categorize content for rapid retrieval
  • Referencing tool connects search results to MouseGuide catalogue of curriculum expectations
  • Expectation-based content retrieval
  • Content organized via grades, subjects, strands & expectations of Ontario Elementary Curriculum
  • Controllable filters, titles & summary descriptions further categorize content for rapid retrieval
  • Option to enable/disable curriculum expectations
  • Create, manage, & monitor secure student profiles
  • Differentiate student activity & evaluation by creating Directed Learning Paths
  • Immediate evaluation and anecdotes provide students with direct feedback
  • Synchronization allows the simultaneous delivery of content and test material to multiple students
  • Create & manage secure, custom online tests
  • Automatic evaluation with a forced pass feature
  • Evaluate student progress using the expectation-specific ClassMouse Test Bank

  • Safe curricular platform with automatic obscenity filter
  • Allows rapid access to over 35,000 content titles developed or screened by professional educators
  • Separate expectation-specific content for students & teachers satisfies strict inclusion criteria
  • Content includes reference, on-line lessons, learning activities, lesson plans, multi-media, & other interactive materials
  • Mouselink Manager maximizes content availability in real time
  • The interface is grade-specific, appealing & user-friendly
  • Built-in versatility allows lesson delivery, skill reinforcement, research, assessment & exposure to rich media
  • Implementation strategies reflect current Ontario Ministry initiatives in literacy, numeracy & differentiated instruction
  • Updated 2005 Mathematics expectations include a 'Mathematical Process' for each content title
  • Catholic edition is available

  • Simple and rapid access procedure
  • All technical maintenance provided by the ClassMouse Team
  • No disc installation or delayed disc updates are required
  • Real-time updates occur on a daily basis
  • Online support responds to questions and content requests
  • PDF Companion contains userguide, grade-specific activities, implementation strategies and support documents
  • Packages include a reference Companion binder for each elementary school

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